"Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess." - Richard Branson May 2015

Broadband Junction can provide the tools needed to ensure you can lead your team through a successful show; by ensuring you have things just like you were back at the office.

We can provide everything from Internet Access, Telephones & CCTV right through to an office for you to work from onsite.

We work alongside other event suppliers to reduce the amount of co-ordinating required - Check out our relationships page.

  1. The Great Dorset Steam Fair
  2. Lasham Glide 2016
  3. Tendring County Show


Icon What Our Customers Say...

"Our Events division could not function without the support of Richard and the team at Broadband Junction. Nothing is ever too much trouble for these guys even when faced with a major challenge they always manage to come up with a solution enabling our business to function. I certainly have no need to look for an alternative supplier and have no hesitation in recommending Broadband Junction." - Gary Smith - Head of Business Development - International Currency Exchange Limited.

"We have been working with Broadband Junction to provide site communications including telephones and WiFi for over 5 years. Excellent service has always been provided and the technical 24 / 7 support provides assurance and confidence so faults can be rectified very quickly. The team are always pleased to help and are now providing support with CCTV, bar-code scanning and software." - Julian Hubbuck - Operations Director - The Great Dorset Steam Fair.

"Quite simply, we couldn't run the festival without Broadband Junction - we'd be like a cup of tea, without the tea." - The Beat-Herder Festival


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